Preparing For Your First Bottom Experience

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If you’ve never had experience in being a bottom, you might need some time and practice to prepare. Anal sex is never something you should try out of the blue, but with proper training, it can be an enjoyable experience.

The Difference Between Being a Top and a Bottom

There is a chance that you’ve heard about the terms like “top” and “bottom” while talking about sex. Now, these don’t refer to sexual positions where one person would be on the top but rather about an individual’s behavior and preferences.

Terms top and bottom can refer to gay sex, where the top is the one that penetrates, while the bottom one is the one who enjoys being penetrated. Furthermore, these two terms often indicate submissive and dominant roles as well.

People who have never experienced this type of relationship usually see these roles as fixed, where one partner will only act as either a sub or dom. In reality, however, the couple can have fun changing roles. If a person enjoys changing roles, they are commonly known as a switch. None of this is, of course, predetermined, and peoples’ preferred roles vary from individual to individual.

Ask Yourself If This Is What You Really Want

Before you begin experimenting with your sex life, you need to ask yourself if that’s what you really want. Now, we’re not saying that you should reconsider your sexual preferences, but to ask yourself about the role you’re willing to try out. For some people, it might take time before they realize that they want to be the submissive one in a relationship.

When it comes to anal sex, the answer should always be a hard yes. At least for the receiving partner. If you really want to try out anal, then you will need to prepare for it. There is no secret that first-time anal can be scary, and that’s why there are so many ways you can train your anal muscles to make it enjoyable and pleasurable.

Start Solo

The first rule of anal sex is to start slow. Don’t freak out — so many people are afraid of anal sex, so we understand you might be reluctant. But you need to relax and prepare to enjoy it fully.

The best way to begin experimenting with anal is by yourself. Of course, before trying the real thing or some huge toy, you can use your fingers. Since the popularity of sex toys is over the roof, you won’t have any problems finding a smaller dildo or a butt plug. These can be fantastic for preparing your body for the real experience.

Read Up Resources Online

Many feel pressured into trying anal, and that is the wrong way to approach the activity. You should do something like that only when you believe you’re ready and prepared. Naturally, you will probably feel a bit scared during your first time, but don’t worry. You can always find various resources online that will help you get ready.

One of the best things to do in this situation is to read experiences other people had. You will understand that you’re not alone and that many were in the same shoes before you. Also, you might pick up some useful advice along the way.

Invest in Anal Training Kits

We cannot stress enough how vital this is. Regardless of your sexual activity before, you will still need to prepare yourself if you’ve never had experience with anal. Investing in anal training kits is, without a doubt, an excellent decision.

These kits have everything you’ll need to prepare for bottoming for the first time. Here, you will get dildos and butt plugs of various sizes and lubricants. For anal, you’ll usually find silicone, oil, or water-based lubes. If you have silicone toys, you should avoid silicone-based lubricants since they can ruin the toy.

Once you find the kit you like and pick the appropriate lubricant, you can start with preparation. We strongly recommend you begin with the smallest possible toy and build your way up. Anal training kits will allow you to progress easily and increase the sizes of the toys you’re using gradually.

Clean Yourself Up

Many gay men use enemas to prepare for anal sex. While using an enema is not mandatory, you should still consider cleaning yourself properly before the act. Enemas come in several different options, and you can even find ones that you can install on regular showers.

But even if you don’t want to go for deep cleaning, you still need to wash before anal. Hygiene should be your number-one priority at all times, and it can significantly lower the risks of contracting an infection.

Eat the Right Food

Believe it or not, having the right diet is also crucial if you want to be a bottom. It is also an excellent way to avoid any unwanted mess, and, let’s be honest, it’s good for your health. The essential thing is eating high fiber food. Fiber is one of the most valuable ingredients for the digestive cycle.

Food like peas, oats, nuts, bananas, wheat bran, soybeans, and apples are rich with fibers. However, things you’d want to avoid in your food are red meat and pepper.

It is also imperative to drink a lot of water. While that will help you be a better bottom, it will also make you feel fresh and healthy.

Practice Being Relaxed

Finally, you should practice being relaxed. At first, it might seem too tricky, but, over time, you’ll learn how to do it properly. Your muscles need to relax to enjoy anal sex fully. That way, you won’t feel any pain, and you’ll realize that it is a lot less scary than you might have thought.

Remember that anal sphincter is a voluntary muscle, and you can learn how to control it with enough practice.


Trying anal sex for the first time can be scary, but there are ways to help you relax and prepare for it. The best option is to start slow and build your way up. There are various training kits you can get, and they are designed to help you prepare your muscles and body. With enough practice, you will be able to enjoy anal fully, and you’ll understand why many people are into it. Finally, you should always use a lot of lubricant with any type of anal play just to remain on the safe side. Good luck!