Pervert, 34, avoids jail despite drunkenly exposing himself in a Kent city centre street and attempting to have sex with a motorbike

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A pervert has narrowly avoided jail despite exposing himself in broad daylight – and trying to have sex with a motorbike.

Kevin Chapman downed two litres of cider and a cocktail of tablets, then pushed over the Suzuki 600cc, whipped out his genitals and started performing a solo sex act before trying to perform the sexual manoeuvres with the vehicle.

The drunk 34-year-old had been arguing with a group of homeless people before he punched, kicked, stamped and urinated on the bike – that did not belong to him – in the busy city centre of Canterbury, Kent, in broad daylight.

Chapman relieved himself on the motorbike before simulating sex with it by pulling down his trousers and starting the bizarre sexual moves.

The father-of-three initially denied exposing his genitalia and grinding the two-wheeled motor, claiming he was pushed and goaded by the homeless group near bars and pubs during a busy area on the afternoon of March 27.

But a number of shocked witnesses filmed Chapman on their mobile phones as he got out his penis, started shouting abuse at people and then simulated having sex with the bike.

Folkestone Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday Chapman then pulled off the wing mirror and used it to hit another vehicle.

Neil Sweeney prosecuting said: ‘The vehicle was unattended, parked in a car park, Mr Chapman remembered arguing with a group of homeless people.

‘He knocked over the motorbike then knocked the mirror off and started using it to hit an unknown vehicle.

‘The defendant was then seen to kick and stamp on the motorbike as well as pour something in it, then urinating on the bike, before shouting and swearing at people.

‘He continued shouting an swearing, before removing his trousers exposing his penis and genitals and masturbating towards members of the public. He also continued to touch himself under his clothing.

‘The defendant then began simulating sex with the motorbike as it lay on its side with his genitals exposed.

‘A number of people captured the incident on mobile phone and it was captured by CCTV.

‘Under interview he said he had been pushed into the bike and there was a crowd of people laughing at him.

‘When showed the CCTV he accepted it was him and when shown the footage of him simulating sex appeared ashamed.’

Before the indecent exposure incident Chapman had made threatening phone calls to former partner Stacey Holt, who he has two children with, after she began seeing his landscape gardening business partner, Russell Souter, who is 14 years his junior.

After putting on an ‘Indian’ accent and making threatening calls to his rival, Chapman was admitted to to St Martin’s psychiatric hospital in Canterbury, before being released on the day he committed the sex act with a bike.

Mr Sweeney added: ‘In January Mr Souter received a number of missed phone calls from an unknown number, when he answered one it was Mr Chapman who had put on an Indian accent saying “I’m coming for you, it’s your last night, I’m going to cut you up so you’re not recognisable to Stace and the kids. I’m not going to stop, if I can’t get you I going to get your grandad and grandma”.’

In another call to Russell he said, ‘I’ll run you over, you fat mug, you messed up little boy’, to which Russell replied, ‘OK I’m indoors’.

Three months later Chapman then went to the home he used to share with Stacey and smashed up her new partner’s Ford Transit van and attacked her front door.

Mr Sweeney told the court: ‘Miss Holt is a partner from a previous relationship, this ended last year.

‘Mr Souter is his business partner who was now in a relationship with Miss Holt. He went to her home where a Ford Transit belonging to Mr Souter was parked in the driveway.

‘Mr Chapman started smashing the van with he crowbar, causing around £3,000 of damage. He then went to the front door and started smashing that as well, causing £1,000 of damage.’

At earlier hearings Chapman admitted indecent exposure and causing criminal damage of around £250 to the bike worth £1,000, as well as two further criminal damage charges and a malicious communication offence.

Wearing a grey suit and black tie, carrying a large black holdall, Chapman spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth, address and thank magistrates as he left court.

The court also heard Chapman had ‘no recollection’ of indecently exposing himself after drinking two litres of ‘strong’ cider and downing Paracetamol and sleeping tablets.

Niall Doherty defending said: ‘Alcohol and drugs lead to this inappropriate behaviour. His business partner and domestic partner were together.

‘The fact he was being pushed out by a 20-year-old suitor, he found he had lost his job, his family and he didn’t deal with it well. His life spiralled out of control.

‘He says there was a group of homeless people goading him, as well as a group of youths. They were saying rather unpleasant things and telling him to do things. It is because of this goading that he acted in a totally inappropriate way in a public place.’

Chapman was handed a four month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay £680 compensation divided between two of the victims.

He was also ordered to complete a 12-month community order for alcohol treatment.

David Gardner, chair of the bench, said: ‘You are obviously and totally embarrassed by everything that has happened.’

Chapman, of Chatham, Kent, has two previous convictions for burglary and stealing a car in 2013, in which he was jailed for 126 days both offences and also had criminal damage convictions dating back to 2009.