How to perform a safety check on glass dildos

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Are you curious to try out a glass dildo but slightly apprehensive because of the material? Well, this is to assure you here that glass dildos are extremely durable. Yes, you heard that right. Most of the times, these dildos are made of borosilicate tempered glass which makes them immensely strong and long-lasting. So, you don’t really have to worry about a glass dildo breaking inside your vagina with powerful thrusts.

It’s natural that now you would be only looking forward to try out a solid glass dildo. That’s great but it’s to note here not all glass dildos out there can assure premium quality. In other words, not all glass dildos in the market are made of tempered toughened glass. And you cannot buy a glass dildo that’s not crafted with tempered glass.

The problem is tempered and non-tempered glasses do not show any major difference externally. However, there are some minute nuances that help to distinguish between the two easily. It’s always smarter to buy a glass dildo that can be returned on customer dissatisfaction. This way, you can run a safety-check on it in the comfort of your own home and return the toy if you don’t find it to be of tempered glass. But, how to do that?  Don’t worry, there are only a few simple steps that will help you to perform safety check on glass dildos. Here is a brief on the tricks to be followed to check whether your glass dildo is actually made of tempered glass or not.

Check the edges

First of all, you must know that tempered glass usually feature smooth edges thanks to extra processing the glass has to pass through. On the other hand, the non-tempered regular glass options do feature ridged or scuffed edges as they are not passed through an extra layer of processing.

So, once you get the dildo delivered to your house, take it out and run fingers along the toy. If you find rough edges, you will know it’s not made of tempered glass. On the other hand, if the dildo features silky smooth edges the toy is worth your every penny.

Check for imperfections

This is another important tip to remember while carrying a safety check on your glass dildo.

Now, you should know that a tempered glass might sport smooth edges but often feature dimples or warping on its surface. These imperfections are the result of heating process which the glass through to shape up into toughened glass. When a glass is passed through extreme heat, tongs that are used for handling  it usually leaves an impression on glass surface. These impressions appear in the form of dimples or warps on glass surface and are one of the brightest signs of tempered glass. The bottomline is, if you don’t find these marks on glass dildos- you will know they have not been toughened. You can also make sure that you are getting high-quality dildos especially when you get them from LoVeGasm.

Take out your polarized lens

Do you have polarized lens at home? Well, you will need them here.

Take out the lens and view your dildo in sunlight through the lens. Look for shady, dark lines or spots across the dildo surface. If you find these spots on glass surface, the dildo is certainly made of tempered glass. These shady spots are formed by machine rollers used on glass during tempering process. Thus, if you don’t find such lines or spots on your glass dildo, it’s most probably not a glass dildo.

So, these are pro tips to keep in mind during the safety check of your glass dildo. If the dildo can’t match the safety check, you should immediately return it to the store citing reasons.

Apart from the material, there are some other points to keep in mind while using a glass dildo.

Don’t start with glass dildo

Your first dildo should not be a glass dildo. Glass is a toughened material. If your body is not used to accepting adult toys inside and if glass dildo is your first dildo, you will only end up getting hurt. Your body needs certain kind of preparation before using a glass dildo. Thus, you should always start your dildo journey with something soft like silicone. Once your body gets acquainted with these soft toys, you can finally attempt checking out harder toys like glass dildos.

Be mindful of size

This is another major factor to keep in mind while buying a glass dildo. It’s true that big dildos look alluring given their solid girth and great length, but, be careful. You just can’t opt for a big size if you haven’t used glass dildos before. So, always start with a small size. Your first glass dildo should feature maximum 5” insertable length. You can definitely go for bigger sizes once your body gets accustomed to the small glass dildo.

Look for dildos with curved end

It’s better to find dildos that feature curved ends. These are strategically crafted dildos that are designed to hit the right spot during G-spot and P-spot stimulation. So, if you are craving for the best hit and titillation, be mindful of the design of the toy.

Get a comparison study

You should always take a comparison study before investing in a glass dildo. Don’t just settle with the very first toy you come across online. You need to make a shortlist of at least 5-6 such toys and carry a comparative survey on them. The one you choose must be backed by rave reviews and happy users. Try not to go for the latest releases as they will hardly have any review. Rather, look for tried and tested options. Besides, always buy your toy from a credible adult toy store. As these stores specialize in adult toys, you will always get authentic products here.

Finally, don’t forget to use lubes with a glass dildos. The good part about these dildos is that these are compatible with all kinds of lubes. So, whether you want a water-based lube or a silicone-based one, anything will go with glass dildos.