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Sex on a Motorcycle

Let Her Drive


The guy takes the passenger seat behind the woman as she leans forward onto the handlebars to expose her coochie. If the bike has a sissy bar, he can lean backward onto it while tilting his pelvis up. Otherwise, he may need to grip the sides of the seat to get leverage for thrusting. She can also ride him by bracing her feet on the pegs and moving either back and forth or up and down. This position is good for a controlled fuck – just make sure she doesn’t give it too much throttle when she gets turned on.


Face to Face


The guy seats himself on the motorcycle as usual, and the woman mounts him by sitting on his lap so they are face to face. She will need to wrap her arms around him and hold tight to maintain balance. If she has rear foot pegs to brace against, the woman can control the depth and speed of penetration by riding the man’s cock and bouncing up and down on it. You don’t want to bounce too much, though, or you’ll wear out the shocks – or fall off the bike. This is the best position for the guy if he wants to actually see where he’s going.


Up the Tailpipe


This stationary position utilizes almost the entire length of the motorcycle. The easiest way to get into this position is for the woman to seat herself on the bike and lean forward so she is grasping the handlebars. If the bike is too long, or she’s too short, she can wrap her arms around the gas tank. The man, standing behind the bike, reaches on either side, picks up her legs, and extends them backward over the end of the motorcycle. As he supports her back end by holding her legs up wheelbarrow style, he fucks her from behind.This position can be a big turn on for both male and female motorcycle enthusiasts. The woman will get off from having almost full body contact with the bike and having her face pressed into the seat leather, while the guy will almost feel like he is fucking the bike itself.


Crotch Rocket Handjob


This is an easy way to get off on your bike without losing any time on the road. While you keep your hands steady on the handlebars, your female passenger simply reaches around, unzips your pants, whips it out, and starts stroking your rod. Just be careful when you cum, so the wind doesn’t blow an eyeful of spunk up into your face. Better wear some eye protection just in case.