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Welcome to us here at Parker Brothers Choppers. We are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that regularly get together to discuss motorcycles and fetishes on having sex while riding motorbikes. Our last event was at the Top Bike festival which was a great success.

Having sex on a motorcycle is one of most fulfilling experiences one can ever dream of – it’s breathtakingly awesome. If you have never tried having sex in a motorcycle before, you probably can’t understand what we are talking about here. One thing you ought to know for sure is that you are missing the ride of your life!

It’s a life-changing event. The attire, bike style, bike size, engine size, lingo, manufacturer, and merchandise are fun, but that’s just a bonus. For many biker fetishes out there, it’s all about the feeling you get when you are riding that bike and having sex. All your senses are filled with that feeling, and if you are a motorcycling enthusiast, that’s the best feeling ever.