Rules for joining the most badass biker clubs

Joining a biker gang or a 1% club is not easy. While some big clubs are law-abiding, others are involved in criminal activities, and they have a strict set of expectations for new members. 


If you’ve always dreamed about becoming an outlaw biker, you’ll probably give up once you see some rules that new members have to follow. Check out the toughest rules for joining the most badass biker clubs! 

#1 Own a Specific Make of Motorcycle 

First things first: getting a replica of Marlon Brando’s leather jacket from “The Wild One” will not secure you a membership card in a badass biker club. You will have to invest in a good rig to prove that you’re worthy. 


Badass motorcycle gangs almost always require you to have a bike from only one manufacturer. Some can even ask for specific new or vintage models. Also, most gangs will frown upon non-American-made motorcycles.

For some outlaw gangs who take part in organized crime, certain motorcycle models are essential because they can help the leaders to easily identify new members. Whatever the case, the clubs will only accept a certain model to make sure that you will be able to pull your weight. For example, the Hells Angels have always ridden Harley Davidsons, but they also accept Buell bikes since Harley owns this company. So before you grow out your mutton chops, get yourself some new wheels that your new biker gang will accept.

#2 Ride a Certain Number of Miles per Year

Anyone can buy an iconic American motorcycle like a Harley-Davidson nowadays, but that also won’t be enough to secure your membership. Aside from having a classic set of wheels, you’ll need to ride it with dedication. This is the only way to prove that you’re committed and that you’re worthy of the club’s time.


That’s why many gang leaders set rules that require you to complete a certain mileage on your bike. Most bike clubs will have a yearly minimum on the number of miles. The rule will set you apart from the “weekend” or casual rides and prove that you’re legit. For instance, the Hells Angels have a 20,000 mile minimum per year. Completing this rule every year is the only thing that will enable you to keep your membership.

#3 Some Clubs Make New Members Race as an Initiation 

The process of becoming a club member is actually very similar to becoming a fraternity brother in college. Apart from the previous two rules, new members will likely get a set of tasks or challenges. That way, they’ll prove their worth to the club. 


Quite often, that requires you to agree to do anything they ask you. It could be as simple as doing mundane tasks and maintaining the clubhouse. However, that could go on for weeks or even entire months until the higher-ups allow you to fully become a member. What’s more, it could all end in one epic race in which you get to prove yourself to the club. If you win, you could automatically become a member. 


Other clubs like the Bandidos can take it to the extreme and ask new members to wear vests covered in vomit and other bodily fluids. If you manage to ride your chopper until the vest gets dry, you’ll become a member. 

#4 Take Care of Your Biking Gear 

Patches, bandanas, leather jackets, and club colors are not just for show. They are a massive part of a gang member’s identity. That’s why most clubs will have strict dress codes. Some even require you to only wear a specific jacket brand.


During a club meeting, everyone will need to wear the patches and colors that respond to the gang’s dress code. They are there for identification purposes, and they allow other gang members to recognize you. Therefore, the rule here is to follow the code strictly, but you also have to keep your clothes in great condition. The same goes for your bike and additional gear. You need to maintain your bike frequently to ensure that it’s in great working condition so that you don’t slow down the other club members. 


After all, motorcycle gangs are all about taking pride in their rides, and a poorly performing bike will not get you anywhere. If you neglect your bike and your gear, you could get kicked out.

#5 Attendance at Meetings Is Mandatory 

Even though motorcycle gangs are based on freedom and a devil-may-care lifestyle, they actually have tons of rules that each member has to follow. Even if you have the perfect motorcycle model and complete your yearly mileage, you’ll need to show up every time when the club organizes a meeting. 


These club meetings, also known as Church, usually occur on a weekly basis. You cannot skip a meeting, and there could be consequences if you do. These meetings are generally social occasions that allow you to meet with your club members and mates. Additionally, the leaders could make important announcements or discuss upcoming plans or itineraries. 


Some clubs like Devils Breed allow you to miss a meeting, but only if you provide a legitimate reason. Still, if you miss multiple meetings, you could get kicked out. 

#6 Women Are Not Allowed to Join as Members

Most 1% clubs are run by white males, and they are not the most tolerant organizations when it comes to diversity. The majority of outlaw clubs ban women along with gay men or men of color. That’s why it’s incredibly rare to see a woman in a male-centric outlaw motorcycle gang. Because of that, women made their own motorcycle clubs. Motor Maids, one of the earliest female motorcycle gangs, came about in the 1940s. Moreover, female-only clubs have a different hierarchy compared to male gangs.

#7 Loyalty Is Demanded From All Members

Like we’ve said, outlaw motorcycle clubs often meddle in illegal activities. For many of those gangs, testing and humiliating new members will not be enough. The leaders of some clubs could ask new members to take part in all sorts of crimes, like robberies, to show their value to the team. You need to cover the backs of the other members, and you should expect them to do the same to you. 


Some gangs who take part in serious crime even ask new members to attack, injure or even execute members from rival motorcycle clubs.

Preparing For Your First Bottom Experience

If you’ve never had experience in being a bottom, you might need some time and practice to prepare. Anal sex is never something you should try out of the blue, but with proper training, it can be an enjoyable experience.

The Difference Between Being a Top and a Bottom

There is a chance that you’ve heard about the terms like “top” and “bottom” while talking about sex. Now, these don’t refer to sexual positions where one person would be on the top but rather about an individual’s behavior and preferences.

Terms top and bottom can refer to gay sex, where the top is the one that penetrates, while the bottom one is the one who enjoys being penetrated. Furthermore, these two terms often indicate submissive and dominant roles as well.

People who have never experienced this type of relationship usually see these roles as fixed, where one partner will only act as either a sub or dom. In reality, however, the couple can have fun changing roles. If a person enjoys changing roles, they are commonly known as a switch. None of this is, of course, predetermined, and peoples’ preferred roles vary from individual to individual.

Ask Yourself If This Is What You Really Want

Before you begin experimenting with your sex life, you need to ask yourself if that’s what you really want. Now, we’re not saying that you should reconsider your sexual preferences, but to ask yourself about the role you’re willing to try out. For some people, it might take time before they realize that they want to be the submissive one in a relationship.

When it comes to anal sex, the answer should always be a hard yes. At least for the receiving partner. If you really want to try out anal, then you will need to prepare for it. There is no secret that first-time anal can be scary, and that’s why there are so many ways you can train your anal muscles to make it enjoyable and pleasurable.

Start Solo

The first rule of anal sex is to start slow. Don’t freak out — so many people are afraid of anal sex, so we understand you might be reluctant. But you need to relax and prepare to enjoy it fully.

The best way to begin experimenting with anal is by yourself. Of course, before trying the real thing or some huge toy, you can use your fingers. Since the popularity of sex toys is over the roof, you won’t have any problems finding a smaller dildo or a butt plug. These can be fantastic for preparing your body for the real experience.

Read Up Resources Online

Many feel pressured into trying anal, and that is the wrong way to approach the activity. You should do something like that only when you believe you’re ready and prepared. Naturally, you will probably feel a bit scared during your first time, but don’t worry. You can always find various resources online that will help you get ready.

One of the best things to do in this situation is to read experiences other people had. You will understand that you’re not alone and that many were in the same shoes before you. Also, you might pick up some useful advice along the way.

Invest in Anal Training Kits

We cannot stress enough how vital this is. Regardless of your sexual activity before, you will still need to prepare yourself if you’ve never had experience with anal. Investing in anal training kits is, without a doubt, an excellent decision.

These kits have everything you’ll need to prepare for bottoming for the first time. Here, you will get dildos and butt plugs of various sizes and lubricants. For anal, you’ll usually find silicone, oil, or water-based lubes. If you have silicone toys, you should avoid silicone-based lubricants since they can ruin the toy.

Once you find the kit you like and pick the appropriate lubricant, you can start with preparation. We strongly recommend you begin with the smallest possible toy and build your way up. Anal training kits will allow you to progress easily and increase the sizes of the toys you’re using gradually.

Clean Yourself Up

Many gay men use enemas to prepare for anal sex. While using an enema is not mandatory, you should still consider cleaning yourself properly before the act. Enemas come in several different options, and you can even find ones that you can install on regular showers.

But even if you don’t want to go for deep cleaning, you still need to wash before anal. Hygiene should be your number-one priority at all times, and it can significantly lower the risks of contracting an infection.

Eat the Right Food

Believe it or not, having the right diet is also crucial if you want to be a bottom. It is also an excellent way to avoid any unwanted mess, and, let’s be honest, it’s good for your health. The essential thing is eating high fiber food. Fiber is one of the most valuable ingredients for the digestive cycle.

Food like peas, oats, nuts, bananas, wheat bran, soybeans, and apples are rich with fibers. However, things you’d want to avoid in your food are red meat and pepper.

It is also imperative to drink a lot of water. While that will help you be a better bottom, it will also make you feel fresh and healthy.

Practice Being Relaxed

Finally, you should practice being relaxed. At first, it might seem too tricky, but, over time, you’ll learn how to do it properly. Your muscles need to relax to enjoy anal sex fully. That way, you won’t feel any pain, and you’ll realize that it is a lot less scary than you might have thought.

Remember that anal sphincter is a voluntary muscle, and you can learn how to control it with enough practice.


Trying anal sex for the first time can be scary, but there are ways to help you relax and prepare for it. The best option is to start slow and build your way up. There are various training kits you can get, and they are designed to help you prepare your muscles and body. With enough practice, you will be able to enjoy anal fully, and you’ll understand why many people are into it. Finally, you should always use a lot of lubricant with any type of anal play just to remain on the safe side. Good luck!

How to perform a safety check on glass dildos

Are you curious to try out a glass dildo but slightly apprehensive because of the material? Well, this is to assure you here that glass dildos are extremely durable. Yes, you heard that right. Most of the times, these dildos are made of borosilicate tempered glass which makes them immensely strong and long-lasting. So, you don’t really have to worry about a glass dildo breaking inside your vagina with powerful thrusts.

It’s natural that now you would be only looking forward to try out a solid glass dildo. That’s great but it’s to note here not all glass dildos out there can assure premium quality. In other words, not all glass dildos in the market are made of tempered toughened glass. And you cannot buy a glass dildo that’s not crafted with tempered glass.

The problem is tempered and non-tempered glasses do not show any major difference externally. However, there are some minute nuances that help to distinguish between the two easily. It’s always smarter to buy a glass dildo that can be returned on customer dissatisfaction. This way, you can run a safety-check on it in the comfort of your own home and return the toy if you don’t find it to be of tempered glass. But, how to do that?  Don’t worry, there are only a few simple steps that will help you to perform safety check on glass dildos. Here is a brief on the tricks to be followed to check whether your glass dildo is actually made of tempered glass or not.

Check the edges

First of all, you must know that tempered glass usually feature smooth edges thanks to extra processing the glass has to pass through. On the other hand, the non-tempered regular glass options do feature ridged or scuffed edges as they are not passed through an extra layer of processing.

So, once you get the dildo delivered to your house, take it out and run fingers along the toy. If you find rough edges, you will know it’s not made of tempered glass. On the other hand, if the dildo features silky smooth edges the toy is worth your every penny.

Check for imperfections

This is another important tip to remember while carrying a safety check on your glass dildo.

Now, you should know that a tempered glass might sport smooth edges but often feature dimples or warping on its surface. These imperfections are the result of heating process which the glass through to shape up into toughened glass. When a glass is passed through extreme heat, tongs that are used for handling  it usually leaves an impression on glass surface. These impressions appear in the form of dimples or warps on glass surface and are one of the brightest signs of tempered glass. The bottomline is, if you don’t find these marks on glass dildos- you will know they have not been toughened. You can also make sure that you are getting high-quality dildos especially when you get them from LoVeGasm.

Take out your polarized lens

Do you have polarized lens at home? Well, you will need them here.

Take out the lens and view your dildo in sunlight through the lens. Look for shady, dark lines or spots across the dildo surface. If you find these spots on glass surface, the dildo is certainly made of tempered glass. These shady spots are formed by machine rollers used on glass during tempering process. Thus, if you don’t find such lines or spots on your glass dildo, it’s most probably not a glass dildo.

So, these are pro tips to keep in mind during the safety check of your glass dildo. If the dildo can’t match the safety check, you should immediately return it to the store citing reasons.

Apart from the material, there are some other points to keep in mind while using a glass dildo.

Don’t start with glass dildo

Your first dildo should not be a glass dildo. Glass is a toughened material. If your body is not used to accepting adult toys inside and if glass dildo is your first dildo, you will only end up getting hurt. Your body needs certain kind of preparation before using a glass dildo. Thus, you should always start your dildo journey with something soft like silicone. Once your body gets acquainted with these soft toys, you can finally attempt checking out harder toys like glass dildos.

Be mindful of size

This is another major factor to keep in mind while buying a glass dildo. It’s true that big dildos look alluring given their solid girth and great length, but, be careful. You just can’t opt for a big size if you haven’t used glass dildos before. So, always start with a small size. Your first glass dildo should feature maximum 5” insertable length. You can definitely go for bigger sizes once your body gets accustomed to the small glass dildo.

Look for dildos with curved end

It’s better to find dildos that feature curved ends. These are strategically crafted dildos that are designed to hit the right spot during G-spot and P-spot stimulation. So, if you are craving for the best hit and titillation, be mindful of the design of the toy.

Get a comparison study

You should always take a comparison study before investing in a glass dildo. Don’t just settle with the very first toy you come across online. You need to make a shortlist of at least 5-6 such toys and carry a comparative survey on them. The one you choose must be backed by rave reviews and happy users. Try not to go for the latest releases as they will hardly have any review. Rather, look for tried and tested options. Besides, always buy your toy from a credible adult toy store. As these stores specialize in adult toys, you will always get authentic products here.

Finally, don’t forget to use lubes with a glass dildos. The good part about these dildos is that these are compatible with all kinds of lubes. So, whether you want a water-based lube or a silicone-based one, anything will go with glass dildos.

Several reasons couples should ride together and each other on a motorcycle

Some riders love motorcycles because it gives them a short escape from their partner, but riding as couples could have more advantages, including better sex!

Motorbike Writer psychologist Sharon Ledger says sharing your motorcycling passion could lead to more passion in the bedroom.

“By all means, go for a ride with your mates, but also go for rides that include your partner as it will increase your intimacy,” she says.

Sharon and her husband, Brien, not only share a passion for riding, but also Indian motorcycles. Sharon rides a Scout Sixty and Brien a Chief Vintage.

“It is important to have some balance in your riding life,” she says. “If you only ever went riding with others, it could cause resentment in your partner.

“Sometimes it’s good just for one of us to go and bond with our friends. Guys need ‘bloke time’ to talk about bloke stuff and women need ‘girl time’.

“You need time together and time apart to keep things interesting.”

Whether you each ride, or one of you is the dedicated pillion-in-a-million like Mrs MBW, there are many healthy attributes of couples riding.


It’s difficult for riders to be negative when they are riding. And studies have shown that couples who have a positive attitude have a healthier marriage.

Couples may live in the same house, but their time together can be limited by TV, social media, household duties and other distractions. When you ride together, you are sharing focused, quality time. University studies have shown that couples who share their hobby have a happier marriage.

If you ride with a group of friends or in a club, you are sharing your social circle which can be healthy for a relationship. However, be warned that some studies have also shown this can lead to unhealthy results such as jealousy. So, don’t always ride with your club. Enjoy some time riding just as a couple.

If you have different hobbies, it can be expensive. But if you share the same hobby, you can share costs. Although, if you both have a bike, it can also double costs!

Following on from the above, your priorities become identical, so there is less chance of fighting. If you are both striving to get the housework done so you can go riding, you’ll no doubt work together. There is also the benefit of having a common goal toward saving for a bike, gear or a riding holiday, which is a healthy bonding experience.

You will never again be at a loss for a gift to buy your partner for their birthday, Fathers/Mothers Day, Christmas and/or Valentines Day. Just hit your local motorcycle store and get some bike accessories or gear for your partner. Or book a combined riding holiday.

Growing old together is about sharing memories of family, friends and events. If you share your major pastime, you will have so much more to share.

The home is not a conducive environment to communicate because of the tensions that may live there. Getting out on the bike and talking at your favourite cafe stop puts you in a more conducive environment for good communication. Also, modern Bluetooth intercoms allow you to continue to chat while riding, pointing out things you see as you go and discussing issues without arguing. It’s hard to argue when you’re having such a good time riding.

Have you ever seen the couple sitting in a restaurant, not saying anything? Sharing a hobby and a ride give you so much more to talk about.

We saved the best for last. Sharon says being a pillion develops intimacy by constant touching. But even riding on separate bikes is good because it is a mental and emotional build-up to a physical bonding at the end of the ride. “Men just have to think about sex and can have it, but women need time to build up. Riding together can be part of that build-up to a more physical intimacy. Even talking and sharing the emotional experience of a ride can put women more in the mood for sex.”

And we even have 5 tips for you how to do it properly

For a motorcycle enthusiast, the sex experience on a bike is often a fantasy. When it comes to fruition, it can be disappointing if inexperience plays a roll. The possible positions are not always easy to execute and balance is sometimes a needed piece of the puzzle. Use these tips to make the experience the best it can be without regretting it later.

Not in public. The first motorcycle sex tip is to make sure the area you choose offers the necessary privacy. Public nudity is against the law in all states. The charge can range from a ticket to jail time. If a minor happens to cross paths with your escapade, you can actually end up with a sex offender label for the rest of your life. Avoid legal issues by choosing to only have motorcycle sex in areas where there is no danger of being viewed by others. A privacy fenced area or a thickly wooded area is preferable to the open road. If you are having “rolling sex”, choose a road less traveled at a time when traffic is non-existent.

Rev it up. A motorcycle sex tip that might not have crossed your mind is to leave the engine running with the bike in park. The vibration of the engine acts like an over-sized sex toy for both participants. Rev the engine up and the intensity of sex rises.

Doggie-Style. Often, motorcycle sex is thought of as the woman facing the man on the bike. This motorcycle sex tip tells you to turn the lady around and go doggie style. With the woman in the front seat leaning over the gas tank, the motion of sex is natural. To have a more intense sex, try to use yoni eggs which are healthy for any mom’s sex life.

Get off. This motorcycle sex tip tells men to get off the bike. Sit the lady on the seat facing you controlling the throttle of the bike. Stand in front of her or even attempt it from behind with the bike on the center stand.

Try oral. The final motorcycle sex tip is to try oral on the bike. Ladies lay on the tank with their feet over the handle bars. This gives them easy access to the right male parts.

Pervert, 34, avoids jail despite drunkenly exposing himself in a Kent city centre street and attempting to have sex with a motorbike

A pervert has narrowly avoided jail despite exposing himself in broad daylight – and trying to have sex with a motorbike.

Kevin Chapman downed two litres of cider and a cocktail of tablets, then pushed over the Suzuki 600cc, whipped out his genitals and started performing a solo sex act before trying to perform the sexual manoeuvres with the vehicle.

The drunk 34-year-old had been arguing with a group of homeless people before he punched, kicked, stamped and urinated on the bike – that did not belong to him – in the busy city centre of Canterbury, Kent, in broad daylight.

Chapman relieved himself on the motorbike before simulating sex with it by pulling down his trousers and starting the bizarre sexual moves.

The father-of-three initially denied exposing his genitalia and grinding the two-wheeled motor, claiming he was pushed and goaded by the homeless group near bars and pubs during a busy area on the afternoon of March 27.

But a number of shocked witnesses filmed Chapman on their mobile phones as he got out his penis, started shouting abuse at people and then simulated having sex with the bike.

Folkestone Magistrates Court heard on Wednesday Chapman then pulled off the wing mirror and used it to hit another vehicle.

Neil Sweeney prosecuting said: ‘The vehicle was unattended, parked in a car park, Mr Chapman remembered arguing with a group of homeless people.

‘He knocked over the motorbike then knocked the mirror off and started using it to hit an unknown vehicle.

‘The defendant was then seen to kick and stamp on the motorbike as well as pour something in it, then urinating on the bike, before shouting and swearing at people.

‘He continued shouting an swearing, before removing his trousers exposing his penis and genitals and masturbating towards members of the public. He also continued to touch himself under his clothing.

‘The defendant then began simulating sex with the motorbike as it lay on its side with his genitals exposed.

‘A number of people captured the incident on mobile phone and it was captured by CCTV.

‘Under interview he said he had been pushed into the bike and there was a crowd of people laughing at him.

‘When showed the CCTV he accepted it was him and when shown the footage of him simulating sex appeared ashamed.’

Before the indecent exposure incident Chapman had made threatening phone calls to former partner Stacey Holt, who he has two children with, after she began seeing his landscape gardening business partner, Russell Souter, who is 14 years his junior.

After putting on an ‘Indian’ accent and making threatening calls to his rival, Chapman was admitted to to St Martin’s psychiatric hospital in Canterbury, before being released on the day he committed the sex act with a bike.

Mr Sweeney added: ‘In January Mr Souter received a number of missed phone calls from an unknown number, when he answered one it was Mr Chapman who had put on an Indian accent saying “I’m coming for you, it’s your last night, I’m going to cut you up so you’re not recognisable to Stace and the kids. I’m not going to stop, if I can’t get you I going to get your grandad and grandma”.’

In another call to Russell he said, ‘I’ll run you over, you fat mug, you messed up little boy’, to which Russell replied, ‘OK I’m indoors’.

Three months later Chapman then went to the home he used to share with Stacey and smashed up her new partner’s Ford Transit van and attacked her front door.

Mr Sweeney told the court: ‘Miss Holt is a partner from a previous relationship, this ended last year.

‘Mr Souter is his business partner who was now in a relationship with Miss Holt. He went to her home where a Ford Transit belonging to Mr Souter was parked in the driveway.

‘Mr Chapman started smashing the van with he crowbar, causing around £3,000 of damage. He then went to the front door and started smashing that as well, causing £1,000 of damage.’

At earlier hearings Chapman admitted indecent exposure and causing criminal damage of around £250 to the bike worth £1,000, as well as two further criminal damage charges and a malicious communication offence.

Wearing a grey suit and black tie, carrying a large black holdall, Chapman spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth, address and thank magistrates as he left court.

The court also heard Chapman had ‘no recollection’ of indecently exposing himself after drinking two litres of ‘strong’ cider and downing Paracetamol and sleeping tablets.

Niall Doherty defending said: ‘Alcohol and drugs lead to this inappropriate behaviour. His business partner and domestic partner were together.

‘The fact he was being pushed out by a 20-year-old suitor, he found he had lost his job, his family and he didn’t deal with it well. His life spiralled out of control.

‘He says there was a group of homeless people goading him, as well as a group of youths. They were saying rather unpleasant things and telling him to do things. It is because of this goading that he acted in a totally inappropriate way in a public place.’

Chapman was handed a four month jail sentence, suspended for 12 months and ordered to pay £680 compensation divided between two of the victims.

He was also ordered to complete a 12-month community order for alcohol treatment.

David Gardner, chair of the bench, said: ‘You are obviously and totally embarrassed by everything that has happened.’

Chapman, of Chatham, Kent, has two previous convictions for burglary and stealing a car in 2013, in which he was jailed for 126 days both offences and also had criminal damage convictions dating back to 2009.

Enjoying Porn and Its Benefits

With the assistance of the internet, you can grab thousands of porn websites. Most of the studies claim that porn is bad for the health. However, it is scientifically proved that you can watch the porn once in the month. Like, there are thousands of porn websites are out there that are providing different videos such as feminist, shemale, threesome and gay as well. Actually, women have more sexual desires as compared to the men. Millions of the women’s prefer to watch lesbian videos. However, most of the people are paying thousands of dollars for sex.

If you are doing sex on a regular basis then you can improve the libido, sexual power, and bladder control as well. Let’s discuss the true benefits of watching porn and sex.

Porn affects on brain

If you are watching the porn at night then it directly affects your brain, it is completely similar to drugs. Therefore, if you want to remove the side effects from the brain, then you should watch more hardcore things like dick, boobs, and pussy as well. Excess of everything is bad; watching porn on a regular basis can be an addiction.

Porn relieve stress

If you are looking for the sex on the bike enthusiast site, then you should grab porn hub. Most of the studies claim that with the help of cycling a woman can improve the sexual power and blood flow as well. However, we are living in the hectic era, and we have to give relaxation to our body.

Therefore, you should hire the escort services for sex. Regular sex can relieve stress and can give you enough relaxation.

Blowjob and innovative feeling

Most of the girls prefer porn’s on the night because it can give special feelings. According to statics, every girl prefers blowjob clips over romantic ones. You should watch porn with your boyfriend and improve the relationship.

After watching the two-hour porn, you can grab the comfortable feeling that can make easier to communicate with each other. You can watch the sex on the bike enthusiast site videos from the official websites.

Why Owning a Motorcycle Should Be One of Your Goals

Back in the day, there was nothing as synonymous with the word freedom as motorcycles. The best example of this is the 1969 cult-cult classic movie Easy Rider, with Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper in the main roles. We dare argue that riding a two-wheeler is still as cool as it was all those years ago.


But it’s not just about looking all hip as you drive around town on your Harley. There are other, more important pros as well. From having a positive approach toward our environment to spicing up your life and adding more excitement to it, we’ll list all of them in the following text. Therefore, take a seat and hold tight as we take a ride on our literary bike.

Positive Ecosystem Approach

One of the most common concerns nowadays is ecology. And for a good reason! If you think about it, the way we handle our environment is literally criminal. In a couple of decades, it might become almost impossible to live in some places of the world. One of the main reasons for things heading in that direction are cars.


However, not all engines affect the ecosystem the same, with motorcycle ones being one of those. But how so, you might ask. Well, the first reason is their size. They are way smaller, meaning they use less fuel to release toxic fumes. But it’s not just about that. Motorcycle engines don’t require so many non-renewable materials to come about.


Another reason why motorcycle riders are more responsible for our ecosystem is that numerous manufacturers are making electric two-wheelers. The likes of Harley-Davidson and Yamaha are producing several lines that don’t use fossil fuels at all. However, unlike car manufacturers, their products actually have buyers.

Sense of Freedom

Once again, we have to mention that word — freedom. But it’s one of the main perks of owning a motorcycle. You can hop onto it at any time and drive yourself away from pressure that lurks around every corner of modern life. Be they private or professional, riding down the road can help you clear your head and thoughts with ease.

Still, why can’t you say that about cars? They also have wheels, and you can drive them away from all the fuss that’s bringing you down? Well, in essence, that’s correct. However, there’s just something different about riding a bike instead of four wheels. It’s no wonder why it’s a symbol of freedom for so many.


On a bike, you swirl your way around traffic jams, ride through tight forest roads, and even planes that are not meant for riding. Unlike cars, motorcycles don’t take up so much space. They are, in fact, easier to move around and fit into almost any situation. And if you add to that the X factor of looking cool, well, you’ve got yourself a perfect combo.

Inspired Adventurous Spirit

There comes a time when people of a certain age feel like their best days are behind them. They feel like they wasted their youth and that the life they are living currently is devoid of all excitement and youthful joy. In most cases, that’s over-exaggerating. However, it doesn’t mean that they can’t feel some spark again and fill their bloodstream with adrenaline.


Motorcycles are a perfect solution for those who crave some adventure in their life. Regardless of their age, sex, and overall orientation in life, riding a bike can bring lots of fun and take one back in time. In fact, people might feel again like they did when they were kids, riding BMX bikes across their neighborhood.


Just imagine an open road in front of you. Well, it will be both literally and metaphorically ahead of you when you sit on a bike. A whole host of opportunities will appear before you and your new best friend — your bike. You might start a road trip or even a cross-country ride, visiting all those places you never had time and courage for. 

Road Integrity and Responsibility

Although this might not sound like a reason why you should buy a motorcycle at first, hear us out. In short, riding a bike might mean a higher chance of road accident than when driving a car. This is just a fact. Numerous stats and surveys suggest such, so it would be irresponsible to hide this from you. However, there’s a silver lining in all this.


When riding a bike, you need to up your driver skills. Since there’s more of a chance of being in an accident, bikers must improve on all fronts. This will, in turn, make you an example on the roads. Even if you get into an accident, it will be likelier that you come out of it with better knowledge of how to handle the traffic.


But it’s not just about being a better driver. Riding a motorcycle requires ample brain activity. This will translate into other spheres of your life — both private and professional. Your improved focus will serve you well while at work, handling complex tasks, as well as social interactions. In some ways, we guess you could say it’s a good workout for your brain.

You’ll Enjoy Riding and Vibing

Another pro to being a bike rider is that you can make many friends doing it. Of course, you don’t need to become a gang member, roaming the highways with a leather jacket and a knife in your boot. There are countless motorcycle guilds where numerous bike enthusiasts meet and share their experiences.


Yet, it’s not just about meeting at your local club for a couple of drinks and a few laughs. These guilds ride the roads together. Although it might sound off to some, being part of something bigger can be pretty useful if you’re feeling down about yourself or the point of your life that you’re at. Simply put, the communal feel will overflow you.

When someone mentions brotherhood, most people think of people who served in the Armed Forces together. And sure, those boys and gals have a specific bond. But you don’t need to carry arms and serve abroad to experience that. Buying a bike and joining your local motorcycle club will do the same for you, without the risk of losing your life while serving.

Motorcycle Parts Spark Interest

Lastly, we need to mention customization. Just like four-wheelers, sports bikes can go through various changes. You can switch most parts and customize your ride to your liking, just like in a racing video game. And this isn’t solely about looking cool. It can help your motorcycle become a faster and more reliable machine on the road.


On the other hand, customization also works on you — the rider. You can change your look to suit your bike and the way you feel about yourself. Although this might sound a bit superficial, it’s not if it makes a change in the way you feel. You don’t need to grow a kick-ass beard or buy a leather jacket. You can look any way that you’d like to.

Lastly, spare parts can come in handy on eBay and other platforms that offer the same service. You can sell and buy them, making a few dollars more while you’re at it. Additionally, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you make a friend or two along the way. All in all, bikes are cool as they are beneficial for our mind, body, and surroundings. Give ’em some serious thought.